Who we are

Coopérnico was founded by 16 citizens coming from diverse background and professional experiences but sharing a common concern for sustainable development!

Since then, many more have joined Coopérnico and participated in our activities and management of the co-operative.

Check the Coopérnico´s Social Entities and the Coopernico's Statutes

Vision and Mission

  • Vision

    A fair and responsible energy model based on renewables, contributing to a social, environmental and energy sustainable future
  • Mission

    To involve citizens and companies in the creation of a new energy paradigm - renewable and decentralized - for the benefit of society and the environment


Coopérnico is a cooperative of renewable energies, that alia to its social nature the support to projects of solidarity, educational or of environmental protection.

  • 1 We have created a large community of citizens and companies willing to contribute to a new energy, social and business model
  • 2 We have applied some of our savings in investments in small renewable energy projects where everyone can own the share they want
  • 3 The electricity we produce is integrated into the electricity grid and serves to supply families and businesses
  • 4 Our projects generate economic benefits, from the sale of the produced eletricity, as well as environmental benefits with the production of clean electricity (without emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants)
  • 5 We distribute the benefits generated by society, investors and the environment


  • 100% renewable energy

    all electricity is produced exclusively from renewable energy sources
  • Social value creation

    all our projects create social value, either by close colaboration or the sharing of revenues with organizations operating in the social economy
  • Developing local economy

    when we develop a new project we prioritize local partners. This creates local jobs and promotes the transition to a sustainable economy
  • Integrity and transparency

    are the basis for long and trusting relationships. Updated information on our projects is shared with all the members that have supported them



Join Coopérnico and be a member of the first Portuguese Cooperative of Renewable Energies.

To join, just fill out the form and buy at least 3 titles of share capital, worth 60 €.

Get to know more

Participate in our projects: Coopérnico's investment in renewable energy projects has interesting long-term returns that combine economic benefits with environmental and social ones

To participate you must be a member of Coopérnico.


Be part of a working group: Coopérnico seeks to evolve through the contribution of its members.

We will soon form working groups to identify new opportunities and projects, areas of activity or technologies in which to invest.


Volunteer: If you have knowledge and/or experience that you believe may be useful for our activity, we have every interest in having your contribution.

Contact us for more information explaining your area of interest.