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21 at 21 - July 2021 - Energy for everyone: the POWERPOOR project!

Another edition of 21 to 21 will take place next Wednesday. It´s an initiative launched by the GL of the Center which, this time, has the dynamization of the GL of Porto.

We want to talk about how Energy should be for everyone and not a discriminating factor!
With the arrival of the month of July, another 21 to 21 arrives! This is a monthly event promoted by the Local Group of the Center of Coopérnico with the aim of discussing a different topic on the 21st of each month at 9pm (21h).

In July we will debate the theme: "Energy for All: the POWERPOOR project" promoted by the Local Group of Porto. We will explain what Energy Poverty is, how it afflicts different age groups in our society and what steps Coopernico has taken to tackle this problem.

On the day and time indicated you can access the session HERE!

Hope to see you there!

By: Equipa Coopérnico
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