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Rescoop's “Energia do Gender” working group has already started!

We are happy and proud. Because? Because we are (still) under the influence of the inaugural meeting of the “Gender Power” working group of RESCOOP.

This week we participated in the meeting organized by RESCOOP.EU, together with members of other European cooperatives, to reflect on the current situation of gender equality in European energy cooperatives and share our knowledge, experiences and needs, as well as our ambitions about the future of the cooperative movement.
By: Equipa Coopérnico
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Participate in the POWERPOOR project as an Energy Supporter!

We are looking for a future energy supporter and energy community mentors to be part of the POWERPOOR project's work on the ground with citizens and policy makers to reduce levels of energy poverty across Europe.

Energy Supporters will engage citizens in energy poverty and provide advice on behavioral changes. Supporters will directly assist citizens with planning, securing funding and implementing energy efficiency interventions. They will be able to operate directly from the Local Energy Poverty Offices.

If you are willing to help people in situations of energy poverty and a voluntary attitude this can be a good initiative for you!
By: Equipa Coopérnico