Become a Member

Coopérnico was created with the objective of bringing together citizens and organizations that share the will to be active agents in the promotion of an energy and social model based on the principles of sustainability.

Membership of Coopérnico is made through the purchase of at least 3 shares, in the total amount of €60.
These bonds do not have fixed remuneration and can only be remunerated if there is distribution of surplus resulting from the activity.
Only after the membership request, and payment of the respective shares, can you be involved in activities and participate in projects of the cooperative

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Become a member is

  1. To be one of the owners of Coopérnico, a company of democratic management and of free participation and adhesion.
  2. Engage in a social movement: a citizen initiative that promotes sustainable development and the creation of a greener energy sector.
  3. Participate directly in renewable projects by making money while protecting the environment and supporting projects of social solidarity

Member's rights

  1. Use the services and benefit from the advantages and perks of the Cooperative;
  2. To take part in the General Assembly, presenting proposals, discussing and voting on the items on the agenda;
  3. Elect and be elected to the Social Bodies of the Cooperative;
  4. Participate in the decision of the projects to be supported;
  5. Invest in Cooperative projects;
  6. Participate in thematic working groups;
  7. Participate in workshops, conferences and other events organized by Coopérnico;

Types of Coopérnico's members

  1. Founders: members who promoted the constitution of the Cooperative;
  2. Effective: Individuals over the age of eighteen and legal persons who share the objectives of the Cooperative and are admitted as such by the Management;
  3. Beneméritos: are those who contribute valuablely with assets or values for the purposes of the Cooperative and are as such proclaimed by the General Assembly (with a minimum value of 250 €);
  4. Honorary: are those that contribute in a relevant way to the prestige or objectives of the Cooperative and are as such proclaimed by the General Assembly with a vote of at least 2/3 of the effective cooperators present;

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Regional groups

Regional groups allows us to decentralize the structure and functioning of Coopernico.
They allow a closer relationship of the cooperants with their regions, as well as local representation of Coopérnico and the identification of local investment and action opportunities.
The forming of a Regional Group is a relatively easy process requiring the following steps:

  • Have at least 3 members to form a Steering Group
  • Present a proposed group constitution containing a brief plan of activities to be aproved by the administration.

You can learn more about regional groups in