Neves Júnior School

Neves junior 1
Coopérnico advances with another production project in the Algarve. This project counts as a partner the Grouping of Schools Pinheiro and Rosa, with the construction of 3 photovoltaic plants in 3 Schools of this Grouping. The 3 Schools that will receive photovoltaic centers are Pinheiro e Rosa Secondary School, EB 2,3 Poeta Emiliano da Costa and EB 2,3 Neves Junior. Together, this is Coopérnico's largest production project so far, totaling 226 kWp, which will produce renewable energy equivalent to the consumption of 134 families.

The Pinheiro e Rosa School Group, created in 2013, is an organizational unit with its own administration and management bodies. It consists of the integration of nine schools of different levels and teaching cycles, covering 2262 students. The Basic School 2,3 Dr. Neves Júnior is located in the extreme west of the city of Faro.

The photovoltaic power plant at this School will have 74.80 kWp, with an annual production of 117 561 kWh, equivalent to the consumption of 45 families.

Soon Coopérnico members will be called to invest in this renewable energy project!

See the supplies contract here.
State Active
Location Faro
Network Power 66.0 kW
Total Investment 53 000 €
Host Agrupamento de Escolas Pinheiro e Rosa
Technology Photovoltaic
Power 74.8 kW
Annual Output 117 561 kWh
CO2 Savings 75.2 Ton CO2/Year
Number of Houses Powered 45
Connection Date July 18, 2019
Number of Panels 272
Panel Type Jinko 275PP-60
Panel Warranty 10 Years
Inverter Type SMA
Inverter Warranty 10 Years