CBES Padre Tobias ended

The Padre Tobias Social Welfare Center's mission is to provide social support to the community, with special relevance for children and the elderly, in an integrated and personalized way, understanding the satisfaction of our users as their raison d'être.

This is Coopérnico's first production project in the parish of Samora Correia, Benavente municipality, and we entered with the right foot: 4 photovoltaic systems in different buildings of CBES Padre Tobias, with different valences and social responses.

Together, these four systems will produce 265 MWh of renewable energy, equivalent to the consumption of 100 families!

This investment is closed. Soon we will announce new investments.
State Active
Location Samora Correia
Network Power 150.4 kW
Total Investment 116 500 €
Host CBES Padre Tobias
Technology PV
Power 169.5 kW
Annual Output 264 662 kWh
CO2 Savings 169.4 Ton CO2/Year
Number of Houses Powered 101
Connection Date May 26, 2020
Number of Panels 538
Panel Type Jinko Solar
Panel Warranty 10 Years
Inverter Type Huawei
Inverter Warranty 10 Years