O Pontão ended

Coopérnico will have its second photovoltaic plant in a self-consumption model in partnership with the Association "O Pontão", in Tavira.

PONTÃO - Social Solidarity Association of Conceição de Tavira, was born in 2000 and the name “Pontão” is inspired by local memory. "Pontoon" was the name given to the meeting point of people, who would join in talking for long hours.

This association has two social responses: the Day Care Center and the Day Care Center. The Day Center promotes a greater quality of life for grandparents. The Creche is committed to promoting education, physical and emotional development of children, in a family environment, in a space of affection and a lot of pampering.

Coopérnico now joins this community, making the Pontão building more sustainable, while helping the association to save energy.

Soon Coopérnico members will be called to invest in this renewable energy project!

See the supply contract here.
State Active
Location Tavira
Network Power 20.0 kW
Total Investment 22 000 €
Host Associação "O Pontão"
Technology PV
Power 24.3 kW
Annual Output 38 874 kWh
CO2 Savings 24.9 Ton CO2/Year
Number of Houses Powered 14
Connection Date June 25, 2020
Number of Panels 76
Panel Type JA-SOLAR 310 Wp
Panel Warranty 12 Years
Inverter Type kostal Piko
Inverter Warranty 10 Years