Cerciespinho UPAC

Thank you for your support of this project.

We will be strengthening our partnership with Cerciespinho, Cooperativa de Educação e Reabilitação do Cidadão Inadaptado CRL, with another project for the production of 100% renewable energy, direct investment by citizens and with a positive return for society. In addition to the Small Production Unit that Cerciespinho already has with Coopérnico, intended entirely for sale to the grid and in operation since 2017, this cooperative will now have a Self-Consumption Production Unit to reduce the electricity bill.

Cerciespinho was created in 1976 by a group of citizens from the municipality of Espinho who were concerned about the lack of answers aimed at the population with mental disabilities. The project will be implemented in the Idanha hub, which includes two buildings where four services are provided to more than 200 people: professional training, occupational activities and residential services (home and residence).

This Unit will produce 56,713 kWh per year, which is equivalent to the consumption of 21 families, thus reinforcing the production of renewable energy in the municipality of Espinho. At the national level, this is our 33rd decentralized photovoltaic project.
State Planning
Location Espinho
Network Power 30.0 kW
Total Investment 30 250 €
Host Cerciespinho
Technology PV
Power 40.1 kW
Annual Output 56 713 kWh
CO2 Savings 36.3 Ton CO2/Year
Number of Houses Powered 21
Connection Date ---
Number of Panels 89
Panel Type LONGi Solar
Panel Warranty 12 Years
Inverter Type Huawei Solar
Inverter Warranty 10 Years